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Solid Water Treatment Benefits

There are many options on the market for achieving effective cooling tower water treatment, but the benefits of solid water treatment are undeniable. 

Solid water treatment — that is, water treatment using solid chemistries, as opposed to liquids — might be a good fit for your site. As we always say, every cooling tower is different; solid water treatment might work for part of your portfolio but not other parts.SRT-dry-tablet-image 

Whatever the case may be, it's always good to know all the options on the market. 

Efficient cooling tower water treatment is vital for sustaining the performance and longevity of industrial cooling systems. In this article, we delve into the advantages of utilizing solid chemistries for cooling tower water treatment. 

Make the Switch to an All-Solid Water Treatment Program — Learn Why

Solid Water Treatment background

Solid water treatment, as opposed to cooling tower water treatment using liquid chemicals, has been around for a long time. Since the 1970s, water treater have used solid water treatment to address challenges associated with liquid chemicals, like spills, leaks, and chemical exposure of personnel, among other challenges. 

Since its launch over 15 years ago, Smart Release Technology has offered a suite of solid water treatment products, including equipment and solid water treatment chemistries.

Now, as we move to the present day, the development of the Smart Release Generation 2 feeder system gives users the ability to control like a liquid and deliver with a solid. That means solid water treatment processes can be controlled and monitored by operators in such a way that you can know when you might be overfeeding or underfeeding product to the system (and can adjust accordingly). 

Benefits of Solid Water Treatment

So what are the benefits you get with a solid water treatment program? 

Whether you're used to liquid treatment programs, are looking into alternatives or just simply want to learn more about solid water treatment, take a look below at some of the benefits of solid water treatment programs. 

Enhanced Safety and Handling

One of the primary benefits of solid chemistries in cooling tower water treatment lies in their improved safety and handling. Unlike liquid chemicals, solid water treatment programs are not prone to spills or leaks, minimizing potential hazards for workers and the environment.

Moreover, the stable nature of solid treatments reduces the risk of accidental exposure, making for a safer work environment. Furthermore, exhausted Smart Release Technology tablets can be disposed of with your regular trash. Meanwhile, use of liquids requires triple rinsing of drums to meet regulations for disposal. 

Stability and Consistency

Solid chemistries offer unparalleled stability and consistency in water treatment processes. These compounds are designed to dissolve gradually, providing a steady release of active ingredients into the system. This controlled release mechanism maintains a balanced chemical concentration, preventing sudden spikes or drops that could disrupt the cooling tower's efficiency. The reliable and predictable performance of solid treatments ensures a stable water chemistry, which is crucial for optimizing heat transfer and inhibiting scale formation.

Reduced Corrosion and Scale Formation

Solid water treatment programs effectively mitigate corrosion and scale formation within cooling systems. Advanced solid inhibitors effectively form a protective layer on the metal surfaces, shielding them from corrosive elements and impeding the formation of scale deposits.

By preventing corrosion and scale accumulation, these solid treatments extend the lifespan of cooling tower components, reducing the frequency of maintenance and repair. This not only enhances the overall operational efficiency but also minimizes downtime, resulting in substantial cost savings and improved productivity for industrial facilities.

Simplified Storage and Transportation

Solid chemistries offer logistical advantages through simplified storage and transportation. In fact, you can safely transport Smart Release Technology tablets by plane or even in your car.

Their compact and stable forms allow for more efficient storage, requiring less space compared to bulky liquid chemicals. Unlike liquid chemicals, solid water treatment chemistries do not require special containment at your facility. 

Lower Carbon Footprint

Speaking of reducing your carbon footprint, Smart Release Technology tablets are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes. Furthermore, the reduced weight and volume of solid treatments facilitate easier transportation, leading to lower shipping costs and reduced carbon footprint.

This also aligns with Dober's purpose statement, "Fostering ideas that create sustainable solutions to help businesses thrive." 

Expanded Tablet Life

With the Smart Release Generation 2 solid water treatment feeder system, users can enjoy extended tablet life. That means: 

  • Longer intervals needed between service visits
  • Decreased product usage
  • Improved product efficiency

One site extended its tablet life up to 77 days, up from the previously benchmark of 30 days. Our case study outlines just how they did it. 

so, what did we learn about solid water treatment?

In conclusion, solid water treatment offers many benefits to water treatment professionals and operators. 

From enhanced safety and simplified handling to improved cost efficiency and prolonged equipment lifespan, solid water treatment has proven to be a transformative solution in optimizing cooling tower operations. As industries continue to prioritize sustainable practices and operational excellence, the integration of solid chemistries stands as a cornerstone in achieving these objectives, revolutionizing the landscape of water treatment practices for a more efficient and environmentally conscious future.

To learn more about how Smart Release Generation 2 can give all the benefits of both solid- and liquid-based treatment programs, download your copy of our free e-book by clicking the image below. 

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