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It’s not easy to amaze our customers but we do it through innovation, passion and over the top service; the natural result of this is scaring our competitors; kind of cool.

Being passionate means being invested. We’re strongly invested in delivering the best chemistry and technology to our customers. We solve problems and always look for the better way. We believe that one person with passion is better than 30 people that are just moderately interested. Passionate people are not afraid to take chances and from taking chances comes greatness; that’s what we look for at Dober. One of our favorite quotes is, “If you are afraid to be wrong, you will never be right.

Being Open Minded and embracing change often go hand in hand; we see great power in starting from a position of an open mind. As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves with being nimble to meet changing customer needs.

Our founder, John F. Dobrez preached having a positive mental attitude (PMA) and that spirit is alive and well today and will be forever. Doing the right thing comes natural for us and helps us sleep better at night.

Mutual trust and respect (MTR) is a non-negotiable behavior of our team and how we interact with our customers. Considering how much time people spend at work it would be a bummer if it wasn’t a fun place to be; we do our best to have fun which starts with a culture that values fun.