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Eliminate Liquid Chemistry & Go Solid!

Liquid chemistries to treat cooling towers is a traditional method of water treatment. However, a solid chemistry program, coupled with equipment that eliminates the needs for pumps, offers a superior program for water treatment that is simple to install, safe to handle and produces reliable results.

Better yet, a solid system uses concentrated chemistries, which require fewer pounds of product per system than traditional liquids.

Smart Release Technology includes a total solid-feed system that couples treatment chemistry with equipment based on the size of your cooling tower. The system includes chemistries such as an Oxidizing Biocide, Non-Oxidizing Biocide, Corrosion & Scale Control chemistries and equipment to deliver the treatment. 

Simple. It’s water in and water out.

As long as the water is flowing, Smart Release Technology is working.   Supply tower water to the feeder and back to the tower. The equipment is customizable to the size of your system and takes a small physical footprint. No pumps are necessary to install, making the installation process extremely simple and easy.

Safe. It’s safer for the environment and safer for your employees

Our patented Smart Release tablets are safe to handle, with no risk of liquid spills, no drum or pail disposal. Our chemistry arrives in a non-hazardous inhibitor package per OSHA guidelines. Our technology is also safer for the environment with lower CO2 emissions and eliminates the possibility of harmful chemical discharge.\

Reliable. Proven Chemistries.

Monitoring the treatment solution is the same as you would for liquid chemistries. It’s that easy.

Smart Release is used by over 10,000 locations throughout the world. It’s ideal with hospitals, healthcare buildings and educational institutions, which want to avoid any risk of hazardous chemistries.  

Learn more on how you can convert to solid today!