John Dobrez

John Dobrez | January 11, 2018


Effective water treatment for cooling towers can directly affect reliability, efficiency, and cost of any industrial, institutional, or power industry process. Monitoring and maintaining corrosion control and deposition, microbial growth, and efficient system operation are important for optimum Total Cost of Operation (TCO). The first step to achieving minimum TCO is selecting an appropriate treatment program and operating conditions to minimize system stresses. 

Why invite the needless worry of hazardous chemical spills from traditional liquid water treatment chemistry?

If there is one thing that schools appreciate most, it is safety and minimizing risks for their students. Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer a safer and less hazardous way to treat water?

Cooling towers are notoriously located at hard-to-reach, for obvious reasons of course. But this also means that your team is hauling the heavy and unwieldy containers across school buildings and premises. Traditional liquid water treatment chemistry is beset with risks like hazardous chemicals spilling and splashing, events that could harm students and staff, and your operators as well.

Why take unnecessary risks when you get the job done better and faster with more advanced and modern solutions? Deliver better results, go solid!


What does going solid mean?

It means doing away with the unnecessary risks associated with liquid water treatment.   It means opting for the advanced Smart Release Technology or SRT that used solid pellets instead of liquid water treatment systems.   Your team can carry these lighter loads easily and install them in no time without risks of spills and accidents. Get rid of redundancies in the process, speed up efficiency and performance, eliminate hazardous risks associated with liquid spills and enjoy better ROI.

How does it work?

Best-in-class cooling tower water treatment technologies like Smart Release Technology® offer proven chemistries and validated applications to tackle typical water treatment issues. Lighter and easier to use, this cost-effective technology will provide reliable and safe results, better performance and ROI as well.

Why Smart Release Technology?

  • It’s Simple: Simple yet brilliant water tablets technology that needs no pumps and leaves only a small equipment footprint. Reduce project time, improve project efficiency.

  • Quick and easy installation: Water in and out - Supply tower water to feeder and back to tower. Deploy leaner teams and enjoy better ROI.

  • Safer: It’s safer for the environment and safer for employees too. No risk of spills and splashes of hazardous liquid chemicals. Improve operator safety and add to your client’s LEED points.

  • It's reliable: Offers proven chemistries that are validated with proven applications and reliable result every time. Get more for less and ensure competitive costs.