Dober is committed to customer service, innovation and providing exceptional resources for applied research and development.

This combination is unmatched by any other competitor. These strengths also make us a valuable partner for customers with unique challenges in a wide range of industries.

We create excellent product solutions that work effectively in the toughest applications while always putting customers first.

It's a passion that's upheld by all employees within all divisions of our organization. So when we see consistently high ratings and favorable comments on client satisfaction surveys—for both our products and services— we couldn't be more pleased.

We've created a friendly, caring environment where people stay and make a career with our family.

Of course, treating our own employees well also leads to a happier, more motivated, service-centric organization.

Our expertise in Chemistry & Technology, coupled with the drive to continually improve, sets us apart.

Our community of chemists, PhDs and engineers work to develop solutions that are at the forefront of today’s emerging technologies.

A family business, we're here for the long term.

Proud of our heritage and the success we've achieved, we look forward to continued groundbreaking innovation and product development in the markets we serve, further expansion into global markets, and to future generations of leadership from within.

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  • 1957

    John F. Dobrez founded
    Dober Chemical

  • 1960

    Industrial Products - Paint Stripper, Iron Phosphates and Cleaners

  • 1980

    Dober exits paint stripper business to focus on environmentally friendly products

  • 1982

    Wastewater Division Formed - Oil demulsifies, polymers and flocculants

  • 1984

    Cooling System Division Formed – Coolant Additives for diesel engines

  • 1986

    Chemical Division Formed CIP Equipment and CIP detergents for Pharmaceutical industry

  • 1988

    Form Commercial Laundry
    Chemical Division

  • 1989

    John G. Dobrez becomes Dober’s CEO/President

  • 1994

    Opened 2nd Manufacturing Facility in Glenwood, IL

  • 1995

    Sold Chematic Equipment Division
    to Sani-Matic

  • 1997

    Acquired GE Betz – Coolant Additive Business

  • 1998

    Acquired Americlean (Diversey) Laundry Chemical Division

  • 2004

    Opened 3rd Manufacturing Facility in Hazleton, PA Plant

  • 2005

    Smart Release Division is Born – Time Released Solid Chemistry for Cooling Towers

  • 2006

    Move into New HQ: Innovation & Technology Center, Woodridge, IL

  • 2007

    Spindle Division is Born - Operations Management Software

  • 2010

    Sold Commercial Laundry
    Chemical Business to Ecolab

  • 2015

    Chris Dobrez named President

  • 2016

    Acquired HaloKlear – Water Treatment Company