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CW42-SR azole supplement is the corrosion stopper for copper. 

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protect your cooling tower from yellow metal corrosion

Our innovative Smart Release Technology equipment is the hardware; our chemistries are the software keeping everything going behind the scenes

Cooling tower water treatment professionals have to deal with a variety of potential problems in the cooling tower system, including:

  • Microbiological fouling
  • Scale
  • Various types of corrosion

In particular, so-called yellow metals (copper and its alloys) — for example, higher-than-expected oxidizer levels can lead to accelerated yellow metal corrosion that can result in premature equipment failures. A simple way to mitigate this is to supplement your program with additional copper corrosion protection. 

If system conditions necessitate additional yellow metal protection, Smart Release CW42-SR is an easy-to-apply solution.

A cooling tower graphic showing the yellow metal corrosion inhibitor CW42-SR

Stop Yellow Metal Corrosion with Your SRG2 Feeder System

CW42-SR works seamlessly with a Smart Release Generation 2 feeder system. Download our free e-book to learn more about how Smart Release Generation 2 can give you all the benefits of a liquid chemical treatment program and all the benefits of a solid-based program. 

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yellow metal corrosion inhibition made easy

Azole Supplement

Smart Release Technology offers an azole corrosion inhibitor, CW42-SR, in tablet form that provides supplemental yellow metal corrosion inhibition, delivered via Smart Release Technology canisters. 

The formulation is designed to supplement the main corrosion inhibitor program used in open recirculating cooling water systems that contain copper or copper alloys.


BENEFITS of cw42-sr

Why use CW-42 SR?

  • Seamless integration with a Smart Release Technology feeder system
  • No chemical metering pumps required
  • Coated tablet technology protects your employees from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, as can be the case in liquid programs
  • Proven chemistry for yellow metal corrosion
Graphic explaining the benefits of the CW42-SR yellow metal corrosion inhibitor supplement
Learn More About the Benefits of CW42-SR




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