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There’s a Better Way to Treat Water

HaloKlear’s Natural Flocculants remove solids, decrease turbidity and comply with water quality goals for a wide variety of projects across the country by using natural chemistry. 

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Natural Products That Exceed Your Treatment Goals

HaloKlear’s chitosan-based flocculants remove solids, decrease turbidity and help you exceed water quality goals for a wide variety of projects across the country by using natural chemistry.

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Solutions with Zero Toxicity

HaloKlear's Dual Polymer System (DPS) provides a two-step approach that has been proven to have zero toxicity when used as directed. Nationally and internationally recognized as the premier all-natural stormwater treatment solution, HaloKlear DPS creates dense flocs — with great shear strength and low water content — that settle very quickly. 

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Greener Alternatives For Industrial Waters

HaloKlear's hybrid flocculants are more ecofriendly water treatment chemistries for industrial water treatment and truck washes than commodity chemicals.  

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Our Natural Flocculants are Optimal for Construction, Stormwater, and Environmental Remediation Industries.

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World-Class Support

With over 35 years of water treatment chemistry experience, we understands the industry-specific water cleanup challenges you may face. Our support solutions are designed to help you find your optimal treatment solution and meet regulations quickly.

We are here to help you face every tough regulation challenge.

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