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Ebook: HOW to boost your cooling tower water treatment program

Your guide to smart release generation 2

Since Smart Release Technology launched in 2007, customers enjoyed the simple, safe and reliable "water in, water out" dosing method in the first-generation feeder system. 

Smart Release Generation 2 will change the way you think about your cooling tower water treatment program. 

As a property manager overseeing a cooling tower system, do you want to: 

  • Have complete control of your chemical delivery?
  • Target larger applications than you could with Smart Release Generation 1?
  • Reduce your chemical product usage relative to Smart Release Generation 1 levels?
  • Extend the life of your tablets well past the previous standard 30-day interval?
Download our free Smart Release Generation 2 e-book to learn more about how you can optimize your cooling tower water treatment system. 


In this e-book, available for free download, we overview:

  • How Smart Release Generation 2 can make your job as a property manager easier
  • The benefits of a solid-based cooling tower water treatment program over a liquid-based program
  • Smart Release Technology equipment and chemicals (biocides and corrosion and scale inhibitors)
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