We have to give a 'Hat Tip' to Jim Collins for this phrase, but we really live by it. When we hire great people, and then surround them with more great people, we know that we can do amazing things together. That is why we focus so much on making sure we get the "who" (do we hire) right. 

At Dober, you're more than "just a number." That is why we offer more than "just a paycheck."

We grow organically and we grow via acquisition. But we do not grow without growing you. We will provide you with the opportunities and the tools to grow professionally. We help you network within the industry and we encourage all employees to become thought leaders in whatever their respective work may be at the time. 

We look for passionate people who want their work to matter. But we also look for people that realize at the end of the day, we're all just people. We work hard, and we play hard.

"At Dober, Culture is Strategy. Our Core Values stand the test of time, but our culture must adapt with the times.The way we work has undergone a major transformation this past year. When, where and how people work will change to meet our team members' expectations."

Chris Dobrez, President

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Named to the "Best Place to Work in Manufacturing" list for 2024

We are pleased to announce we have been named to the "Best Places to Work in Manufacturing" list for 2024 by Best Companies Group!

Fostering a strong culture has always been a part of our strategy. We always strive to showcase our core values, including mutual respect, courage to create and positive mental attitude.

They're not just talking points: culture is a pillar of our business. We're elated to have been recognized in this category, but our work in this space is never over.

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Dober has grown from our humble beginnings in 1957, to being humbled by many Fortune 500 customers. We are proud of our history and excited about our future. 




Is working at a Family Business right for you? If you've never worked at a family business, you may be asking yourself this question. We believe there are many benefits to working at a family business and this Harvard Business Review article does a great job of summarizing a few of them. We encourage you to read it and think about if those benefits align with your goals.