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How One Cooling Tower Site Extended its Tablet Life to Up to 77 Days

Smart Release Generation 2 is Dober's proven solid cooling water chemistry and technology. For years, Smart Release has provided scale and corrosion protection for customers' assets that a traditional liquid program can provide, but with unbeatable benefits.

The reasons why customers choose Smart Release Technology include: personnel safety, performance and simplicity, convenience of handling, and greener chemistry.

Smart Release Technology had previously been deemed to best fit cooling water applications up to 500 tons in nominal tonnage. However, Smart Release Generation 2 allows you to control like a liquid and deliver with a solid, and target even larger applications. 

This case study will outline how one Smart Release Generation 2 test site extended its tablet life to up to 77 days. 

The case study is also available for free by PDF download using the button below. 

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A nine-story commercial office tower in suburban Chicago was the location of a traditional Smart Release customer and identified as a “candidate” for Smart Release Generation 2.

The Smart Release Generation 2 system supported 565 tons of nominal tonnage, operating with an annual average load of 20-25%. On average, the site was previously adding between 2-8 pounds of scale and corrosion tablets per month, depending on season variability, into the Smart Release feeders.


Throughout the course of the trial, the corrosion and scale inhibitor was controlled at 50 ppb as PTSA, +/- 5 ppb. Smart Release's CW311-SR was the scale and corrosion inhibitor tablet package of choice.

Key control parameters monitored weekly included phosphonates, azoles, and polymer actives. These actives were measured against expected values based on the PTSA value at the time of sampling.

The site used a combination of ORP and timer control for microbiological control that provided good control of Free and Total (ATP) results within industry best practice operating conditions.


Understanding customer key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking current versus future performance improved the overall success of this location. Focusing on continued protection against scale and corrosion, maintaining optimal dosing levels, and the prevention of microbiological growths and other health hazards were at the forefront of a successful implementation of the Smart Release Generation 2 trial.


Smart Release Generation 2 is not only providing peace of mind to the customer, but also full exhaustion of the tablets before needing to be replenished. That means:

  • Decreased service time in an account
  • Decreased product usage (lower use cost)
  • Improved product efficiency
Key Takeaways
This commercial office tower system saw extended tablet life of up to 77 days while maintaining key control indicators within the given guidelines.



Want to learn more about how Smart Release Generation 2 can take your cooling tower water treatment program to the next level?

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