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Demo The Difference: A Cannabis Cleaning Agent Comparison


Cannabis and CBD oil-based products are becoming increasingly popular in the nutraceutical industry. Manufacturing these products can leave greasy, oily residues that do not mix well with water. Hemp oils and resins can also dry to become very sticky. With growing demand, it’s important to have a cleaning agent that can effectively clean the most challenging ingredient residues.

Generic cleaners may not have the right components to help emulsify the soil and hold it in the detergent solution. This can cause the oil to separate and float on top of the detergent solution – possibly re-soiling surfaces. Traditional cleaning of hemp resin uses Isopropyl alcohol which can be expensive and poses concerns for safety with handling and disposal. Learn more about the safety risks associated with IPA cleaners in our previous blog post.

Dober’s Chematic® Brand formulated detergents contain specialized surfactants to combat sticky residues as well as components to help emulsify oils. In a side-by-side comparison conducted in our lab, you can see our cleaning agents in action:

The solution is clear. Chematic® 420 is a robustly formulated cleaning agent that effectively cleans the toughest oily and waxy products, especially those residues associated with CBD/ Hemp Oil and other plant-based oils. As you can see from the coupons, our cleaning agent more effectively removes the residue while holding the soil in solution. The generic, high-alkaline detergent struggles to hold the residue in solution causing the potential need for re-cleaning.

Whether you’re looking for a better way to clean CBD/Hemp oils or any other tough ingredients, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts is ready and willing to find the right solution for you. Contact us today.

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