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Protecting people and their environments through cleaning solutions.

Chematic provides you with solutions and support needed to find the right cleaning process no matter what the challenge.This is our passion. 

Meet Our Cleaning Experts

For over 30 years, Chematic has been developing and manufacturing unique detergents for regulated industries. Our expertise is derived from our talented team whose passion for cleaning truly amazes our customers.


Dan Dobrez 2.jpg

Dan Dobrez

Executive Vice President - Chemical Business Development
Kristina Wesley

Kristina Wesley

Director of Chematic 

Rola Saleh

Quality Manager Manufacturing
Adam Kowalewicz

Adam Kowalewicz

Analytical Lab Manager
Jessica Kask

Jessica Kask

Critical Cleaning Lab Manager
Elisa Weiner Cropped

Ellie Zika

Applications Chemist

A Passion For Cleaning

Production is the heart for every industry and bears the heavy burden of being responsible for generating revenue. To achieve this, production teams have to maintain the right balance between productivity and quality with documentation. 

We view cleaning as not a step in the manufacturing process, but instead a concept to be optimized on its own to maintain quality and achieve maximum production capacity for revenue generation.  This narrow focus allows us to amaze our clients and provide the best solutions for their cleaning challenges. In a nutshell, we believe "Cleaning is the 1st step, not the last." 

The Chematic Difference

GMP Compliance

We provide an optimized cleaning process customized for each client’s products and equipment, which meets cGMP standards, and offers a thorough and repeatable cleaning process to achieve a validated state.

Quality Assurance

We offer complete lot traceability and a certificate of analysis for every product manufactured the day of production. All raw materials are QC tested and QC approved before release.

Safety First Focus

We believe that safety is everyone's responsibility and we weave this tight within our culture. When you partner with us, our safety first focus is carried into to your facility.

RObust Supply Chain

Through our robust supply chain, we work to provide our partners with the local supply they need.  This allows for the benefit of shorter lead times helping you keep your inventory low, but your supply assurance high.

Start Generating More Revenue With Chematic.

Begin your partnership with our experts that your production team can rely on every step of cleaning.