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The future of cannabis cleaning

An Alternative to Solvent Cleaning
chematic® 420

A Safer Cleaning Solution!

As the Cannabis Industry grows steadily, the need to replace solvent-based cleaning with a suitable water-based formulated detergent arises. Traditional cleaning of Cannabis residue with Isopropyl Alcohol could lead to issues related to health, safety as well as environmental hazards.

Dober's Chematic® 420 addresses these problems and provides an easy, effective, and efficient cleaning solution to get rid of the difficult, sticky, and stubborn Cannabis residues at all stages of its processing.


Try Chematic® 420 for any of your Cannabis residue cleaning!

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cleaning made easier

Clean Cannabis residues with CHEMATIC® 420


Cannabis Resin - Dirty Tray Screen

Cannabis resin covered tray screen with sticky blocked perforations

Clean Tray Screen

Tough residues easily cleaned from perforations with Chematic® 420 

why make the Switch?

choose the safer option

The Cannabis Industry is trying to steer away from using solvents for cleaning due to safety issues. Chematic® 420 was specially designed to fight the particularly problematic Cannabis residues, and at the same time tackling the safety aspects such as

1. Flammability

2. Exposure Limits

3. Toxicity

4. Ease of Handling

5. Storage

6. Disposal

Chematic® 420 is available in a concentrated form but is to be used in its diluted form, which is safer for manual cleaning.

Do you want to try Chematic® 420 in your facility?