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9 Variables for Selecting an Ideal Pharmaceutical Cleaning Agent


Selecting a critical cleaning detergent for your cleaning process must be employed for equipment cleaning, the right detergent and cleaning process must be identified and chosen based on the following:

  1. The cleaning with the detergent must be efficient and time saving as compared to the older cleaning process.
  2. The detergent must break down the residue into very small particles (or dissolve it) and hold the residue in suspension / solution for as long as possible to avoid re-deposition. This also enables it to be used in Automated systems.
  3. The detergent formulation including all its components must be non-hazardous, safe and ideal for manual cleaning.
  4. It should be compatible, non-reactive and non-corrosive to the material of construction of the equipment.
  5. Detergents are not part of the manufacturing process and are only added to facilitate cleaning during the cleaning process. Thus, they should be easy to rinse and remove from the equipment surface.
  6. Ideally, a pharmaceutical detergent must have no added colorant or odorant as these components add to the cost as well as ingredients to be removed from the equipment surface.
  7. Detergent must be aqueous based and easily water soluble.
  8. The components of the detergent should be easily detectable by simple analytical methods like TOC or HPLC.
  9. The cleaning process with the detergent must be reliable, consistent and must have minimum cleaning steps to improve cleaning efficiency and decrease cleaning complexity & time.

By decreasing the cleaning time & use of manpower, the detergent must be cost effective with a good return on investment.

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