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Florida School District Eliminates Hazardous Water Treatment Chemicals

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Hillsborough County Public Schools is the third largest school district in Florida, and the eighth largest nationwide. Serving over 200,000 students in 215 locations, identifying security and safety concerns in school settings is of primary importance to both parents and school administrators alike.  Beyond measures such as access control and security, there are environmental hazards of equal importance to address.  One such hazard often overlooked is the treatment of cooling tower water.  

The Challenge

Cooling tower water is treated to address a variety of contaminants that cause deposit formation, such as mineral scales and sludge. Deposition interferes with heat transfer, increases corrosion rates, restricts water flow, and causes loss of process efficiency and production. Traditionally, cooling towers are monitored and treated with liquid chemistries.  Although liquid chemistries are widely used and effective, the chemical application may spill or splash upon application, causing unnecessary exposure to caustic materials.  Furthermore, the drum and pail storage and disposal, which also happen at the site of treatment, offer a longer term hazardous materials risk.

Selecting the right cooling tower treatment program

Rick Gallant, Aquatech of Florida, is trusted to treat the cooling systems for Hillsborough County Public Schools, and his choice for water treatment safety is Smart Release® Technology Total Solid-Feed Treatment System. The solid-feed approach eliminates all of the concerns of the traditional liquid chemistries, while providing a simple, safe and reliable treatment solution. “Smart Release is the only choice for our customers. The installation of the system is simple, and not only is it safer for the students and faculty; it is safer for our technicians administering the treatment. We feel good about eliminating unnecessary risk with a simple change to solid water treatment chemistries, and there is no better than Smart Release,” said Gallant.

Safer Cooling Tower Chemicals

Gallant also believes the treatment solution is ideal for environments where the cooling towers are hard to reach, or involve climbing. “Smart Release tablets are light-weight and convenient. I don’t worry about the storage of chemistry on site for our clients.”

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