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Video: Manual Cleaning with Dober Cleaning Detergents

While some cleaning processes are automated, there are situations in which your team will conduct manual cleaning of various pieces of equipment using cleaning detergents like the ones Dober offers.

With that in mind, Critical Cleaning Lab Manager Jessica Kask walks through manual cleaning methods using a Dober detergent, Simply Better HD, in the video below: 

Manual Cleaning with Simply Better HD

In the video, she demonstrates manual cleaning with Simply Better HD when using either a bucket of detergent solution or a spray bottle.

She also reviews other manual cleaning tips, including:

  • Types of scrubs to use
  • How to prevent streaking
  • How to deal with particularly difficult residues

As we've noted in previous articles, you want to make sure you're using the most efficient processes possible. In a nutshell, that means using the most effective detergents for your application so you don't have to use potential production time on unnecessary recleaning efforts. 

Once again, cleaning should be a consideration from the beginning of your process and not simply an afterthought. With proper cleaning procedures — which include using the most effective and efficient detergents — you can save time spent on cleaning and recleaning and, in turn, boost production time. 

After all, the bottom line is more throughput means more revenue

Learn More About Dober Formulated detergents

Simply Better HD is one of several Dober detergents that can help streamline your cleaning processes and lead to greater throughput. 

Want to learn more about how Simply Better HD can help improve your cleaning processes? Reach out to a Chematic cleaning expert and they will review which might be the best option for your operation. 

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