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VIDEO: Cleaning Costs, Safety and Cleaning vs. Sanitizing

As we've discussed in previous articles, cleaning can sometimes be an afterthought in many manufacturing and packaging operations. 

However, companies should think of cleaning as a first step, not a last step.

Cleaning Is Critical Hero-1

In our latest video series, Dober Chematic Director Kristina Wesley and Critical Cleaning Lab Manager Jessica Kask weighed in on a few critical cleaning topics. 

Cleaning costs

In Part 1, they discussed the issue of increased costs, addressing concerns by some companies that better cleaning is more expensive. 

However, as Kask explains, not implementing better cleaning processes and more effective detergents results in hidden costs, like productivity time lost due to recleaning. 

Watch Part 1 of the series to hear Kask's breakdown of cleaning costs (both of the detergent itself and associated costs stemming from inefficiency). 

Cleaning vs. sanitizing

Is there a difference between cleaning and sanitizing? 

In short: yes. 

In Part 2, Kask explains the difference between the two, and why it's vital to think of cleaning as a first step. 

Detergent safety

Finally, in Part 3, the team touched on the issue of detergent safety — that is, whether or not a formulated detergent is safe to use on a particular piece of equipment. Kask also broke down how Dober's Chematic detergents are safe for most cleaning applications and reviewed the various cleaning-related data Chematic can provide your operation. 

Have a cleaning-related question or a question about Dober's Chematic detergents? Reach out to us and we'll be happy to help. The videos in this post are also available in playlist form on the Dober YouTube page

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