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Boosting Your Cleaning Program with Dober

A quality process starts with a quality cleaning program. Can you defend your cleaning process?

But what makes a quality cleaning program — and how can Dober help improve your process?

Dober cleaning program infographic

Read on below, but if you're a visual learner, you can also download our infographic, "Boosting Your Cleaning Program with Dober," by clicking on the image to the right. 

A quality cleaning program features: 

    • A repeatable cleaning process
    • A reputable cleaning agent (designed for your specific manufacturing process)
    • Safety — handling by your people, the environment, etc.
    • Efficiency — more internal message, cost avoidance, labor savings
    • Consistency — meets consumer expectations

Let's break down each characteristic further. 

5 Traits of a Quality Cleaning Program

1. Repeatable Cleaning Process

Can you be sure your current cleaning process works every time, even when changing operators?

Dober provides robust cleaning recommendations with detergents targeted to your particular needs and capabilities.

2. Quality Cleaning Agent

Is your detergent manufactured under cGMP practices? Is there lot traceability?

  1. Production of Dober's Chematic detergents follows cGMP.

  2. Dober can provide complete lot traceability for all Chematic detergents and their raw materials.

  3. Our quality program includes a full change control policy.

3. Targeted Cleaning

Are you using a cleaning agent that was designed to handle your particular residue? Or do you have to make your current cleaner fit your needs?

    1. Dober works with strategic partners in regulated industries to develop cleaning agents that are specifically formulated to handle their challenging residues.

    2. Using a detergent that is targeted for your specific residue allows for more efficient cleaning, improved scheduling, and increased production capacity.

4. Safety

Is your detergent safe for operator handling? Compatible with your equipment MOC? Can it be safely disposed of?

    1. Chematic cleaning agents are water-based.

    2. At usage concentrations, many Chematic detergents are not corrosive and are safe for operator handling and manual cleaning. 

    3. Dober provides data on the compatibility of the Chematic detergents with common materials of construction.

    4. Chematic detergents can be disposed of according to local municipality regulations and typically do not need to be captured.

5. Savings 

Are you cleaning as efficiently as possible? Ineffective cleaning or needing to reclean increases labor and can be costly. Dober's Chematic solutions can help streamline your process. 

    1. Water and energy consumption: An effective cleaning process helps save on water and energy usage.

    2. Time and money management: Effective cleaning agents eliminate the need for recleaning, reducing total detergent usage and cleaning time.