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Every industry has its share of challenging residues and Dober has detergents to target them all. This week in 'Untold Stories of the Chematic Lab,' Chemist Jessica Kask, discusses her experiences with some of the more out-of-the-ordinary residues that we've conquered in the Chematic Lab.


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"One of my very first projects in the Chematic Lab involved testing new formulations to target fish oil. We were given samples of krill oil from different stages in the refining process from very crude to the finished product. The smell was … powerful.  As a part of the residue simulation process, we baked our test panels (which were soiled with fish oil) at a very high temperature in the oven. The scent permeated the entire Dober campus. Each day we would have people from other labs and departments stop by to ask about the fishy aroma. Since then, we have completed several other fish oil projects and have a great detergent to handle it!" 

Solution: Chematic 82 Euro


"An industry for which we have done quite a bit of work is veterinary medicines. Usually, we deal with injections, oral suspensions, and ointments, but one of the more out-of-the-ordinary samples we received was a chewable - meat flavored - medication for dogs. The consistency of the chewables made them challenging to apply to our test coupons. We ground the chewables up into a thick, meat-flavored paste and spread it onto the test coupon in a thick layer."

Solution: Chematic 82 Euro

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"A biopharma company sent us a red-colored solution that was used to culture skin grafts. We performed trials on stainless steel, glass, and polypropylene coupons in order to simulate the materials of construction. One interesting tidbit was that if we let the solution sit too long without mixing it, the material began to coagulate and form skin-colored clumps that would settle at the bottom of the container."

Solution: Chematic 630

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