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Coolants are the lifeblood of any engine — from efficient heat transfer, control of critical metal temperatures, and freeze protection, to effective inhibition of corrosion for all cooling-system metals. We provide innovative, high performance and cost-effective chemistries for coolant applications.

Super Syrup

Our coolant additive syrups are known for their robustness, quality and exceptional value. We offer a comprehensive product line addressing the wide variety of coolant formulations used throughout the world for both Light-Duty Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel coolants.

Supplemental Coolant Additives

Globally recognized for replenishing the levels of protective corrosion and scaling chemicals in diesel engine cooling systems – allowing extended coolant use and ease of maintenance, which may dramatically extend service intervals.


Whether it be corrosion, scale, rust, oil or fuel contamination – our Revive pH Neutral Cooling System Cleaner offers a white label solution for blenders to market a world leading product, which is designed to address contamination issues and support peak operating efficiency.

Heat Transfer Fluid Additives

We supply coolant additives for the most commonly used coolants for liquid cooling applications: water, deionized water, inhibited glycol and water solutions, as well as dielectric fluids. Our additives minimize the risk of corrosion and optimize thermal performance by providing high thermal stability, great multi-metal corrosion protection, and are less toxic than traditional chemistries.

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