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Coolants are the lifeblood of any engine. They provide efficient heat transfer, control of critical metal temperatures, freeze protection, and effective inhibition of corrosion and scaling of cooling system surfaces. We provide innovative, high performance and cost-effective chemistries for engine coolant applications.
Dober works closely with manufacturers of heat transfer fluids to provide the most technologically advanced chemistries. Controlling corrosion and scaling in commercial and industrial applications ensures long-term system reliability. We specialize in the following applications:

  • HVAC
  • Process Heating and Cooling
  • Stationary Engine Applications (Diesel Power Generation)
  • Solar Thermal

Based on provided criteria from our blenders, we supply additives for the most commonly used heat transfer fluids in the industry. Our latest technical advancement has produced an organic acid based HTF additive that is cost effective and performs better than traditional chemistries.

Dober specializes in high performance additive technology for heat transfer fluids (HTF). We develop blending syrups for the manufacturers of these fluids that demand the very best solutions for the industries they serve.

  • Automotive
  • Energy/Oil and Gas
  • Industrial and Commercial HVAC
  • Manufacturing

Glycol-based heat transfer fluids are much more than simply glycol and water solutions. Dober is a leader in the industry when it comes to developing and testing HTF chemistries for the prevention of corrosion and scaling. Our technology includes conventional, phosphate-based chemistries as well as newly developed organic acid technology (OAT) for aluminum systems.