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Video: How to Request a Water Treatment Sample

If a particular Dober product caught your eye and you wanted to give it a try in your operation, you might want to request a sample. 

You might be wondering: how does the sample request process work?

Once you've ordered the sample, you're not on your own.

Dober continues to be there with you to assist throughout the process, including after you've received the sample. 

Dober R&D chemist Angie Espy outlined the sample request process in the helpful explainer video below: 

So how does the request process work? 

Step 1: have a conversation

You'll have a conversation with a member of the Dober team about your project. That way, we can better assist you in selecting a Dober product that will work best in your operation. Depending on your industry, we will suggest either our HaloKlear or Greenfloc products. Some of those industries could include construction, oil and gas, mining, food and beverage, and central waste treatment. 

Step 2: Preparation and Shipping

We'll work to prepare and ship your sample. We always prepare fresh samples.

Step 3: Post-delivery support

Once the sample has been delivered, the Dober team will be there to assist with any questions. Our HaloKlear kits include four different products, a jar testing instruction guide and a product reference guide. Our Greenfloc kits vary depending on the industry.

Furthermore, if you still have questions, the Dober team is there to help walk you through them, whether by phone call, email or text message. If the question can't be resolved that way, you can also send us a sample of your wastewater, which we can test in our lab. In addition, we can also come to you and assist onsite.

Have a question for the Dober Water Treatment team? Reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist you. 

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