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Video: Breaking Down the Chemistry of Aspartyl

Dober offers water treatment products for a wide range of use cases, from industrial wastewater to environmental remediation

In a recent video, David Shillington, director of oil and gas sales for Dober, broke down several Dober WaterTreatment products, namely HaloKlear®, GreenFloc® and Aspartyl

As he mentioned, one use case, among others, for the Aspartyl product line is in the oil and gas sector. 

But how does it work and what is the chemistry behind it? 

Dober Senior Research Chemist Larry Koskan shares his insights in the video below. In this video, he'll explain: 

  • The use cases for Aspartyl
  • The chemistry behind it, including what a polycarboxylate is and how it works
  • Dober's ability to produce a variety of molecular weights of Aspartyl
  • Potential future use cases for Aspartyl derivative chemistries

Interested in learning more about Aspartyl and the the rest of Dober's suite of water treatment products? Reach out to a Dober WaterTreatment expert and we'll be happy to chat. Contact Our Water Treatment Team