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Video: Testing Highway Runoff Water with HaloKlear®

In case you were wondering what you might get in a HaloKlear® test kit, we recently outlined that with a short and helpful video

Taking it a step further, Dober R&D chemist Angie Espy walks through a test run in the video below. In this case, she uses highway runoff water for the testing procedure using HaloKlear products. 

In the video, she outlines: 

  • How to conduct the water testing
  • Various metrics to monitor (e.g., pH)
  • What to look for in your water once testing has begun

Watch the video below to see the jar test in action: 

Interested in requesting a sample and testing your water? Reach out to us and we can arrange for a sample to be shipped to you. 

Request a Dober WaterTreatment Sample