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Video: Food Processing Wastewater Treatment With Dober Flocculants

In her latest lab demonstration, Dober R&D chemist Angie Espy recently walked through the jar testing process, this time testing oily wastewater from a food processing plant using Dober flocculants.

In this video, she shows how Dober WaterTreatment products act on wastewater by separating particles in the water into dense flocs. 

The bottom line? As she put it, a little bit of flocculant can go a long way.

(If you're interested in getting samples of Dober natural flocculants to test your site's wastewater, reach out to us using the button at the bottom of this post.)

Take a look at the video below and see how Dober WaterTreatment flocculants work to clean up your water and help you achieve your water quality goals. 


Interested in getting a sample test kit? Reach out to us below. Request a Dober WaterTreatment Sample