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How Much Does Smart Release Technology Cost?

No matter the product, every customer will eventually get to that important question: How much is it going to cost me? 

The same is true for cooling tower water treatment programs. When it comes to Smart Release Technology, the answer, initially, is "it depends." 

Each application is different. Plus, varying operating conditions, in addition to the type of Smart Release Technology system you choose — whether it's Smart Release Generation 1, 1.5 or 2 — combined determine the cost of a Smart Release Technology system. 

Customer Account Manager Nicole Kulaga explains some of the cost considerations below: 


How Much Does Smart Release Technology Cost? It Depends.

We have answered this question thousands of times over the years since Smart Release Technology came to market in 2007.

Nowadays, hundreds of prospective customers will ask us for quotes. Many of them will raise the cost question within minutes or on the first email communication we have. 

After all, facility managers want to mitigate costs as much as possible, while at the same time protecting their assets from unwanted corrosion, scale, and microbiological associated challenges.

Developing an initial budget and plan for start-up is highly recommended, with an annual service plan for your customer given the upfront cost will vary from the year-over-year cost. 

Cooling towers come with so many variables, sizes, and options — no one cooling tower is like the next one. With every customer’s site, the operational and mechanical differences also weigh into choosing and designing a proper cooling water treatment program. Given that, it’s tough to know the price off the bat until you’ve figured out exactly what it is you want and what you need given the conditions of your cooling water system. 

At Dober, our goal is to educate all prospective partners and customers. That might even mean you might look to choose an alternative program that isn’t Smart Release Technology. At the end of the day, we want to do our best to offer realistic price ranges based on real-world metrics. 

Please keep in mind that with all prices, whether Smart Release Technology equipment and chemicals, or anything else, these are estimates given the provided cooling tower system operational conditions.

Costs can vary if system dynamics change, make-up water conditions change, or upsets occur at your customer's location. 

Having the Proper Smart Release Technology Equipment

With any Smart Release Technology program, you will need to have the proper equipment and feeders, which can be purchased appropriately sized to meet your cooling water system needs. 

Pricing on the equipment will vary will the size of the application, and which generation you choose (along with if a controller is needed for your site).   


The SRG1 (Smart Release Generation 1) systems can come pre-mounted on a skid, or as individual feeders.

The skids show up ready to be tied into your recirculating cooling water supply and return lines, and range in price from $1,300-$2,600.

Individual SRG1 feeders can be purchased separately and installed by you and your field service professionals, with prices ranging from $275-$575 per feeder. 


The SRG2 systems are prefabricated on stainless steel frames with your brominator, non-oxidizing biocide, and scale and corrosion feeder coming assembled for simplicity when they arrive at your customer location. 

We truly want to keep it as simple as "water in, treated water out." 

Pricing for the SRG2 system starts around $4,500 and can get up to $10,000 if a controller is added to the platform.   

With the Smart Release Technology equipment, once you purchase it, it becomes your property with no further additional costs (such as lease fees or activation fees).

Your only additional costs will come with preventative maintenance items such as valves, recirculation pump, and rotameters, to name a few. 

A Smart Release Technology cooling water chemical treatment program will cost $750-$10,000 annually.

The exact dollar amount will vary from account to account given system operational conditions such as:

  • System tonnage
  • Load
  • Operating hours annually

This annual cost is assuming a complete program is being managed, which includes:

  • Smart Release Technology scale and corrosion tablets
  • BCDMH tablets
  • Bio-Clear (DBNPA) canisters

For precise estimates and costs, please use our Smart Release Technology Sizing Calculator or don’t hesitate to reach out to a Smart Release Technology representative. 

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