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Leading Centralized Waste Facility Cuts Sludge Generation, Costs and Treatment Time

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See how a simple change of chemistry yielded a 66% reduction in sludge volume and treatment time – and a 50% reduction in total cost – without the need to change treatment processes.

The Challenge

A nationwide leader in the treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous solid and liquid wastes, including wastewater and waste oil, originally used inorganic, alum and ferric chloride to treat their waste streams.

However, the inorganic treatments created tremendous amounts of sludge, which was due to the high hydration levels in the treated materials. It was difficult to obtain definitive separations (water, rag and oil) in the treated waste systems. In addition, treatment capabilities were limited and were not suitable for all types of wastes (synthetic oils, for example).

The Solution

The customer changed to two GreenFloc natural coagulants, GFT 5100 and DWT 6230, to treat their waste streams in place of the inorganic treatment. No process changes were required.

GFT 5100 is a unique and versatile natural coagulant designed for use in a wide variety of wastewater applications. It is extremely effective in counteracting the effects of most natural or synthetic emulsifiers.

DWT 6230 is a proprietary coagulant designed to treat waste streams needing lower BOD, FOG, and TSS levels. It is especially effective for waste oil and bio-organic wastes.

The Results

The customer’s use of GreenFloc technologies resulted in a 66% reduction in sludge and treatment time, as well as a 50% reduction in total cost. GFT 5100 and DWT 6230 products exhibit an increased ability to treat different kids of wastes. GreenFloc products maintain pH stability, reducing the need for hazardous sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide.

Environmentally Friendly Options

Wastewater is an unavoidable by-product of modern industry, and GreenFloc environmentally friendly, natural coagulants from Dober provide an essential solution. Our portfolio of industrial, plant-based natural coagulants, natural flocculants and water clarifiers provide a greener, more sustainable solution that’s significantly less toxic to the environment – at an exceptionally low use cost. 

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