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Food and Beverage - Solid & Liquid Separation


The Challenge:

Solid and liquid separation water treatment is necessary to prevent the build-up of solids in wastewater systems. Suspended solids, dissolved solids and colloidal solids contained in industrial effluent must meet requirements before being discharged. In the food and beverage industry, wastes are commonly biodegradable and non-toxic, however, there are usually high concentrations of biochemical oxygen and suspended solids, surfactants, antibiotics and growth hormones, and oils and fats incorporated in the water, creating the need for a complex treatment process.

The Solution:

  • Water treated: Waste from various processing and manufacturing beef, pork and chicken products.
  • Chemistry used: GFT 6143 (PAC Blend)
  • Chemistry replaced: Alum + polyDADMAC
  • New dosage: 300ppm
  • Old dosage: 1400ppm

The Results:

Using GFT 6143 to treat food and beverage wastewater results in a 30% reduction in sludge volume. GreenFloc technologies are able to effectively treat contaminants while reducing chemical costs by 35%. GreenFloc products have a wide pH range operation window and perform in low pH conditions where Alum does not function. GFT 6143 produced larger floc particles and increased water clarity.

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