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Centralized Waste Treatment - Oil/Water Separation


The Challenge:

Centralized waste treatment facilities treat wastewater from a variety of industries. Much of the wastewater contains very high pollutant concentrations, which are extremely difficult to treat, such as emulsified oil. Industrial processes frequently subject oil to chemical and mechanical action causing it to be dispersed into the water. This emulsified oil does not simply float on the surface of the water and must be removed using more intense treatment techniques.

The Solution:

  • Water treated: Oily waste from various manufacturing plants, heavy/light oils, synthetic oils, organic contaminants, coolants and many others.
  • Chemistry used: GFT 5100 (straight biocoagulant)
  • Chemistry replaced: Alum and Ferric Chloride

The Results:

Using GFT 5100 to treat oily waste results in a 66% reduction in sludge. GreenFloc technologies are able to effectively treat contaminants while reducing treatment time by 66%. GFT 5100 replaces traditional synthetic polymers and reduces the need for hazardous sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide (pH control). GFT 5100 also increases the ease of oil recovery.

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