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Water Conservation New Year's Resolutions for 2023

New year, new you, more water — or, rather, more water conservation.

Aren’t you sick of all of those New Year's resolutions? “New year, new me!” While they can be annoying — and sometimes corny — a new year can be an opportunity to change small habits in your daily life that can make big impacts. This is especially important when it comes to water conservation. WaterDropletIllustration_Shutterstock_061022

Here are some easy ways you can strengthen your water conservation practices in 2023:

Water Conservation Resolution No. 1: Reduce your shower time

The EPA estimates that 1.2 trillion gallons of water are used in the U.S. each year just for showering!

That’s a lot of water going down the drain.

If we try to be conscientious about showering time, millions of gallons of water can be conserved. Furthermore, that means more money in your pocket.

water conservation resolution No. 2: Update your water appliances

Leaky faucets, faulty toilets and outdated appliances are a huge contributor to water waste. It’s estimated that a leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per minute, can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water a year.

By updating and maintaining faucets and other appliances, you can make sure your home is using water efficiently. To go a step further, there are many new products on the market that aid in water efficiency without impacting performance.

Look for a WaterSense label to identify those efficiency-boosting products.WT Resolutions Article Rain Barrel

water conservation resolution No. 3: Get a rain barrel

Depending on the rules where you are located, you can keep a rain barrel in your back yard.

Rain barrels help conserve water because when you’re doing yard work. When watering the grass, you can use the water that was naturally collected in the rain barrel instead of wasting water from your house.

Make sure to check with your area’s rules about rain barrel use (and to get a permit if one is needed).

Water conservation resolution no. 4: Dump that bottled water

WT Resolutions Article No Water Bottles

Inequity remains widespread when it comes to access to clean water in many places, so this solution is not for everyone. However, to those who have access to clean water straight from their tap: use it!

Did you know that 86 percent of bottles from bottled water in the U.S. become trash or litter? Imagine how much that could be reduced if people used water from the tap and reusable containers.

water conservation resolution no. 5: Volunteer

I know, I know: “I can’t even find time for myself, much less volunteer!”

If you can do so, volunteering at local forest preserves or with local groups to do river, lake or watershed cleanups can go a long way.

You are not only helping the environment when you do this, but it’s great for your brain and body, too. Studies have shown that volunteering can help manage stress and anxiety, in addition to increasing levels of dopamine. When you do good, you feel good. A little goes a long way, even by bringing a garbage bag on your next walk and picking up litter can help.

At Dober, we pride ourselves on fostering ideas that create sustainable solutions that help businesses thrive. Whether it's tips for the individual water consumer like the aforementioned or water treatment solutions for industry, we believe in natural solutions that lead to safe, clean water. 

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