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Water plays a large role in all areas of oil and gas production. Whether you’re dealing with upstream or downstream treatment, Dober has a solution to help the oil and gas industry reduce the amount of chemistry used while maximizing cost effectiveness – helping you to accomplish more with less.

Water produced during oil extraction – upstream – operations constitutes the industry’s most important, and voluminous water stream. The water varies greatly in quality and quantity; in some cases the water can be a useful by-product or even a salable resource, as the industry begins to recognize produced water as a potential profit stream.

GreenFloc natural water clarifiers provide advanced solutions for upstream challenges such as:
• Optimal oil recovery
• Treatment for reuse of produced water
• Treatment of injection water

Wastewater discharges generated by refining and other downstream industrial activities can also be reused once it has been treated, helping to preserve precious water resources. Water must be treated to remove oils, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, phenols, COD, and BOD, among other pollutants.

GreenFloc Natural Coagulants work in the following downstream hydrocarbon processing industry areas:
• Oil/water separation
• Solid/Liquid separation
• Recycling and reuse of wastewater

Whether waste or resource, upstream or downstream, water has management costs that need to be kept in line with each specific production project and region. Water handling practices must also be environmentally protective or the operator could face regulatory action. Dober’s Water Treatment division offers natural solutions to treat upstream and downstream water in order to comply with reuse and discharge limits.



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