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Clean Water. Naturally.

halo klear

Excessive sediment and pollutants introduced into critical water bodies can cover natural habitats and result in reduced oxygen concentrations and increased water temperatures, jeopardizing the overall health of the environment. This damage can have a severe detrimental economic and environmental impact on industries and communities. At HaloKlear, we believe in protecting the environment, naturally.

Our natural flocculants clean dirty water and allow clean water to be released, reused or upcycled.

Green Floc

Industrial wastewater is one of the largest sources of water pollution. Large amounts of fresh water are used as a raw material during production processes wherein intermediate products and wastes are mixed with the water resulting in process water that must be treated before discharge.

Wastewater is an unavoidable by-product of modern industry, and GreenFloc provides an essential solution. Our portfolio of natural, plant-based coagulants and reverse emulsion breakers provide you an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution at an exceptionally low use cost.