Product Selection For Your Emulsion

Industrial wastewater is an unavoidable by-product of modern industry. Dober's GreenFloc natural coagulants provide an essential solution for any oily waste stream. 

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Finding Your Solution

The GreenFloc Jar Test Kit is designed to help you find the optimal product and dose rate for your water treatment project.  This kit provides samples and instructions to use for your own, on site treatability jar testing. 



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Offsite Treatability Testing

If you are working with a more technical project or you prefer that someone else completes treatability testing, Dober’s Water Treatment Lab Expertise is available.  

We compare your water with our database to help select the components that will remove all contaminants. We then combine different components into different ratios until we find the solution that will consistently outperform whatever you’ve used before. 

To submit a sample for treatability testing at the Dober Water Treatment Lab, click the box below. After submission, an automated email will provide shipping instructions and assign a treatability ticket number for tracking the project. 

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Note: 5 gallons of sample is optimal, with an absolute minimum of 3 gals for submission.

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