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Go Solid with Smart Release Technology.

Smart Release
Smart Release

Eliminate liquid chemistry and go solid with Smart Release.

Smart Release uses a patented technology for controlling corrosion, scale, and microbial growth in open recirculating cooling water systems. By utilizing chemistry and state- of-the-art technology, we are able to provide simple, safe, and reliable solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Smart Release Feeder

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Efficient & Sustainable Use of Water

  • Recycled water costs are usually 45-65% less than the cost of fresh water
  • Recycled water must be treated. Costs associated with water treatment is the same or lower than the costs of using fresh water
  • Due to increased monitoring with chemical treatment, the focus of treatment programs results in better corrosion and scale control versus fresh water programs
  • Protection of equipment is equal or better with recycled water due to chemical maintenance
  • Danger of pathogens is reduced with recycled water programs to the mindfulness of chemical treatment. Such treatment solutions specifically monitor presence of Legionella bacteria, the source of Legionnaires' disease

What Is Smart Release Technology

Smart Release Application

Water Treatment Costs

We are cost competitive to liquids!

We will provide a price list that includes feeder and chemistry.
Water Treatment Specialists set your prices and margins on top of our fees to your facilities. Set your own prices, and inclusive of the services you are providing.

Included in our pricing:

  • Consulting & Support: We answer your questions and are available to help you set up successful programs
  • Continuing education and resources online


Determine the size of the system you need
Determine the size of the system you need
Select Your Chemistry
Select Your Chemistry
Select Your Equipment
Select Your Equipment
Installation & Monitoring
Installation & Monitoring

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