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Reduce Turbidity in Stormwater



The Challenge:

During the construction of a Super Walmart in Denton, MD, the construction company faced many issues while treating stormwater on the site. They were required to control NTU levels of effluent stormwater leaving the site into a nearby creek. Gravity settling and synthetic polymers were not working and spring rains were threatening. The company faced fines and complete project shutdown until compliance requirements from the Maryland Department of the Environment were met.

The Solution:

The MDE inspected the site often and recommended HaloKlear to solve the turbidity issues. A semi-passive system was installed, employing HaloKlear Dual Product System (DPS) socks: DBP-2100 and GelFloc.  The water was pumped through a manifold where it was treated by the HaloKlear natural flocculants. The water then flowed into a dewatering bag, over excelsior blankets, and finally into the discharge basin.

The Results:

The strict stormwater programs by both MDE and Walmart corporate put the progress of the Super Walmart project in jeopardy. The construction company avoided fines of $10,000/day by employing the eco-friendly HaloKlear natural flocculants. The influent water ranged from 700-900 NTU, averaging 862 NTU, well above the 150 NTU discharge requirement. HaloKlear DPS effectively reduced turbidity to 5.35 NTU average – keeping the project on schedule and saving the company from government fines.