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Real-time, on-site, Traceability.

Proven test methods for detecting the presence of residual treatment chemistry before treated water discharges.

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Treatment chemical traceability is an emerging concern in some areas, and a regulatory requirement in others.  To further the environmental safety and compliance of an effective water treatment solution, you should be able to prove that no residual treatment chemicals are being discharged to the environment in treated effluent. 

These residual test kits:

  • Costs only dollars per test with results within minutes
  • Eliminate the to spend thousands on WET tests
  • Reduce lost production time waiting for results for synthetic treatment chemistries (e.g. polyacrylamide PAMs). 

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Products with Traceability

LiquiFloc and GelFloc 

 Pass/Fail at 0.1 mg/L/L

100 tests per kit

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 Pass/Fail at 0.3 mg/L/L

50 tests per kit

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