A Partnership For Water Treatment You Can Rely On

A Passion for Natural Chemistries.

HaloKlear products are natural chemistries for water treatment to remove suspended solids, decrease turbidity and achieve water quality goals across a wide variety of projects. 

Natural chemistry.

                Nothing synthetic.

                             Nothing from fossil fuels. 

Just easy to use, safe, sustainable chemistries that can be discharged into the environment with low toxicity. 

Our product line features liquid and dry products that can be integrated into all types of treatment systems.  We continue to innovate products and push the boundaries of natural water treatment chemistry and applications.   

Environmental Remediation


We pride ourselves on providing natural water treatment chemistries that improve system performance while decreasing environmental impacts of operation 


Tony Weisner Cropped.jpg

Tony Weisner

Executive Vice President

Mary Bishop.jpg

Mary Bishop

Business Development Coordinator


Moustafa Aboushabana

Sr Water Treatment Research Chemist


Rich G. Dobrez

Water Treatment Specialist

Kelly Nycz.jpg

Kelly Nycz

Laboratory Technician 

The HaloKlear Difference

Safety First Focus

We believe that safety is everyone's responsibility and we weave this tight within our culture. When you partner with us, our safety first focus is carried onto to your site.

Quality Assurance

We offer complete lot traceability and a certificate of analysis for every product manufactured the day of production.  All raw materials are QC tested and QC approved before release.

Regulatory Approval

All products are thoroughly tested for safe discharge.  Certifications include NSF 61 and approvals by some of the most stringent regulatory agencies.

HaloKlear is proud to be apart of the Dober brand.

Founded in 1957, Dober is committed to customer service, innovation, and providing exceptional resources for applied research and development.