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Excessive sediment and pollutants introduced into critical water bodies can cover natural habitats and result in reduced oxygen concentrations and increased water temperatures, jeopardizing the overall health of the environment. This damage can have a severe detrimental economic and environmental impact on industries and communities.

HaloKlear has successfully treated over 3,000,000,000 gallons of water without a single discharge violation – and that number is growing every day. We believe in protecting the environment, naturally. Our natural flocculants clean dirty water and allow clean water to be released, reused or upcycled.


We’ll help you choose from a portfolio of HaloKlear biobased flocculants—from 100% biodegradable natural flocculants to hybrid flocculants—all of which offer a greener alternative to commodity chemicals.

  • Effective alone or paired with other chemistries
  • Appropriate for active, semi-passive and passive applications
  • Use with existing equipment or as part of a customized product
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with on-site residual testing capabilities

HaloKlear® -Achieve more. Use less.

Traditional synthetic polymers like aPam, or inorganic metal salts, like Alum, require more product while treating water less effectively. HaloKlear products provide more effective treatment at low dosages, so less product is required per use than traditional chemistries.

We’ve Never Killed a Fish

Traditional synthetic polymers like aPam, or inorganic metal salts, like Alum, require more product while treating water less effectively. HaloKlear products provide more effective treatment at low dosages, so less product is required per use than traditional chemistries.

Less toxic, no bioaccumulation

HaloKlear natural flocculants are less toxic than conventional chemistries, effectively cleaning dirty water that can then be released into its natural environment, reused or upcycled. No bioaccumulation concerns exist because our products are 100% biodegradable through enzymatic activity.

Zero Toxicity

While all HaloKlear products exhibit exceptionally low toxicity, our HaloKlear Dual Product System (DPS) provides a two-step approach that has been proven to have zero toxicity when used as directed. Nationally and internationally recognized as the premier all-natural stormwater treatment solution, HaloKlear DPS creates dense flocs—with great shear strength and low water content—that settle very quickly.

*Third-party toxicity testing concluded that no fish were killed by the Dual Product System (DPS) when both parts were used in combination of following Best Management Practices.



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With over 35 years of water treatment chemistry experience, Dober understands the industry-specific water cleanup challenges your organization may face. Our natural flocculant solutions are designed to be environmentally responsible, cost effective and safe to handle—all while outperforming traditional chemical solutions.


Choosing a Water Treatment Chemistry

Get started learning about our HaloKlear water treatment chemistry solutions by selecting an industry and turbidity goal.

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With HaloKlear’s Residual Test Kit, you can prove, onsite, that no residual chemistry is being released back into the environment. View results in 10 minutes or less, at a cost of only a few dollars per test!

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Dual Product System

Dual Product System (DPS)

When it comes to handling dirty water, HaloKlear has built its reputation on creating reliable, effective and safe solutions that can solve all kinds of sediment control problems. HaloKlear’s Dual Product System (DPS) uses natural flocculants that completely biodegrade through simple enzymatic activity, resulting in no bioaccumulation. The primary active ingredients are commonly used in the dietary supplement and food industries.

Most importantly, HaloKlear’s DPS has a best-in-class performance and has proven itself under vastly varied conditions around the world. It is used in systems ranging from active treatment for mobile water treatment, semi-passive pumped water incorporating coarse filtration and geotextile bags, and completely passive models, such as bio-filtration and check dams. HaloKlear DPS is designed to give contractors and industries in need of water treatment solutions the essential tool they need to meet state and national discharge regulations, as well as EPA Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs).

Our Dual Product System Offers:
  • Effective on a wide range of pH conditions and soil types
  • Effective in fresh water and salt water
  • Increases performance and productivity while keeping costs low
HaloKlear Dry and Liquid Formula Flocculants

The Dual Product System (DPS) uses biodegradable, natural flocculants that perform on a wide array of soil types and pH ranges. In contrast to other products on the market, the HaloKlear Dual Product System creates dense flocs with great shear strength and a low water content that settle very quickly. Solids can be efficiently removed from the water column – increasing performance and productivity while keeping costs low. In addition, the HaloKlear DPS is extremely flexible with a successful track record in active, passive, and semi-passive deployment.


DPS System

  • LBP-2101
  • LiquiFloc
  • Functions in active treatment systems


DPS System

  • DBP-2100 socks
  • GelFloc socks
  • Functions in active semi-passive and passive treatment environments


DPS System

  • MB kits
  • Functions in passive treatment environments

part one

  • LBP-2101 = Liquid
  • DBP-2100 = Dry socks
  • DBP-2100 MB = Loose, dry

part two

  • LiquiFloc = Liquid
  • GelFloc = Dry socks
  • GelFloc MB = Loose, dry

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