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Smart research leads to smart development

Dober believes in a disciplined approach in our R&D efforts. We know the road from ideation to product launch is wrought with twists and turns. Our commitment to best practices in project portfolio management ensures we work on our customers' problems in an efficient and results driven manner.

Our history is full of custom solutions that solve for really difficult customer problems. Our founder, John F. Dobrez, preached 60 years ago that our R&D Lab is the heartbeat of our organization, and we feel the same way today.

Detergents Lab

In our Formulated Detergents Lab, we develop effective cleaning agents and processes for the pharmaceutical, personal care, and biopharmaceutical industries. This laboratory is where we have made significant advances in the removal of time-release coatings.

Smart Release
Technology Lab

Our Controlled-Release Technology Lab is where we improve our breakthrough Smart Release products.

Additives Lab

The Coolant Additives Lab is where we perform research and development for scale and corrosion prevention for the transportation

Treatment Lab

Water Treatment Specialists work to provide the best chemical solution for your system in our world-class Water Treatment Laboratories.

Testing Lab

Corrosion, scale, and fouling inhibition, and chemical delivery and material compatibility studies for open, closed and once-through cooling systems are run in our state-of-the-art Performance Testing Lab. Tanks, known as “rigs,” circulate water and Smart Release chemistries or coolant fluids to simulate the long-term operation of an engine or cooling tower.

Quality Control

Establishing product specifications and test methods, and ensuring the ongoing quality of raw materials are expertly handled by our Quality Control Lab.

Dober frequently invites customers to tour our Innovation & Technology Center to see our state-of-the-art R&D and simulation technologies in action. Contact us today to learn how our technology can make your process or system more efficient and functional.