Here at Dober we view sustainability as a
moral obligation and a strategic differentiator, not a cost.

To build a future where people, nature, and the economy can all thrive we will need to make changes to the way we interact with our resources. Sustainability is not just something we aspire to do; it is why we are doing the work we do.


At Dober we innovate with inspired science that elevates sustainability as a key design component. We support and aspire to be a meaningful contributor to the circular economy. The circular economy is touted as a practical solution to the planet’s emerging resource crunch. The circular economy goes beyond recycling as it is geared toward a restorative industrial system aimed at designing out waste. An essential part of the circular economy is the biobased economy. Biobased economy looks for the use of biobased materials to replace traditional chemical technology.

We know there are more eco-friendly solutions to traditional chemical applications; that’s what we develop.


When it comes to supporting a biobased economy, actions speak louder than words:

  • Our Water Treatment Division treats oily wastewater through the use of a plant derivative; just one way we support a biobased economy.
  • We treat construction water runoff with innovative chemistry built on crushed crab shells; it doesn’t get much more natural than that.

Sustainability can be a hard concept to wrap your head around, but here at Dober we think we have a pretty good grasp on how our innovations can do their small part in making our planet more sustainable for future generations.