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Order Your HaloKlear Jar Test Kit!

  • Complete the form to request your jar test kit. Included in the test kit you will find HaloKlear’s three most versatile and widely-used products:
  • -  LiquiFloc 1%* - the Chitosan flocculant
  • -  LBP-2101* - the Liquid Booster Polymer (step #1 in the Dual Polymer System)
  • -  BHR-P50 - the hybrid biopolymer
  • We recommend using clean stirrers and containers for your jar testing, such as 18 oz. clear plastic cups or 16.9 oz. water bottles.
  • *Note: LiquiFloc 1% and LBP-2101 can be in used as a substitute for testing the Dry Sock version of the Dual Polymer System (DPS).