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Is Hotter Really Better?

It is a common belief that hotter is better when it comes to the critical cleaning of equipment. While this is true in some circumstances, there are times when hotter temperatures hinder cleaning, especially when working with highly pigmented products.  

Whether the cleaning method is Clean In Place (CIP) or Clean Out of Place (COP), cleaning engineers complain about hazes left behind on their stainless steel tanks. Any haze leftover after a cleaning will cause production downtime, re-cleaning, and unwanted audits. We recently discussed best practices for removing hazes left behind on equipment by products containing the pigment titanium dioxide, such as lotions and sunscreens. Here we focus on a common misconception around cleaning temperatures for highly pigmented  products, such as foundation makeup.

This video displays an example of the importance of cleaning your equipment with the right temperature and correct  detergent. Allowing  you to focus on what really matters... making quality product. 

FD-Foundation Storyboard

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The Oily Truth About Selecting the Correct Cleaner

Are you having difficulty cleaning oily residue from your equipment surfaces?  If the wrong detergent is used within your process and oily residue is not solubilized, the oil can redeposit on equipment surfaces creating the need for additional recleaning and scrubbing for removal.

The video below shows how with the correct detergent, you can focus on what really matters... making quality product. 

Oily Residue Storyboard Video

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The ACM Journey

Targeted cleaning for targeted results
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Have You Seen the Haze after Cleaning Sunscreens?

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Do You Clean Carbomers or Viscosity Modifiers with Water Alone?

Check out our video below to see how so-called "easy to clean" personal care products, such as shampoo, might be leaving hidden gel layers behind on your equipment. These hidden gel layers my trap residue in next batches leading to microbial propagation.

Click the board below to view video.

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Dober's Cooling Additives Featured in Fuels & Lubes International Magazine

Dober Cooling Additives' Senior Vice President, Scott Smith, has been featured in Fuels & Lubes International Magazine in an article called "Nimble Dober Group Continue to Eye Global Opportunities". 


Read the article here  to learn more about Dober's history and its plans for growth in the future.

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How Do Excipients Affect Cleaning of Final Tablet Granulations?

 Check out our video below to learn how selecting the right cleaner for active pharmaceutical ingredients could mean efficient use of your assets.

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HaloKlear Products Featured in Water Conditioning & Purification's November 2017 Magazine

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Florida School District Eliminates Safety Concerns with Solid Water Treatment Chemistry

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